Upon the Gran Canal

 Upon the Gran Canal


Upon the Gran Canal was created for the 2019 Glass Art's Society Confenence in Murano, Italy where it was modeled for the Glass Fashion Show in Boats, which carried models aboard gondolas down the Gran Canal of Murano. The piece drew inspiration from the intricate patterning of the embroidery and lace shown in classic Italian Renaissance paintings as well as the extravagant costuming of Venice's Carnival. Using glass, such an iconic material with a deep history tied to Murano, along with taking inspiration from the Italian culture it was to be displayed in, created a modern version of a timeless piece inspired by Italy's art and fashion history.

My piece, Upon the Gran Canal, comes in at 3:12.

Glass Central Station is honored to present this content from the 2018 Glass Art Society Conference in Murano. The Glass Fashion Show is produced by Laura Donefer and features models with outfits incorporating glass designed by participants. The 2018 show took place on the canals of Murano with models in gondolas and colorful caroline boats.